We make software.

YetAnotherDeveloper LLC in a small privately held software development firm that was founded in the 2nd half of 2010. With over 22 years of experience delivering applications to both large and small companies, it's our goal to make sure that we build the correct solution the first time.

While we primarily focus on building web based applications; we have and continue to build applications for the desktop, the web, and mobile.

Guild Wars 2 - LFG

The easy way to find a group in Guild Wars 2.

  • Great way to find a group even across different home servers.
  • No need to stand in Lions Arch spamming chat for a group
  • Quick way to advertise you are looking for a group or find that last needed member.
  • Note: You can group with others no matter what server they are on. You don't need to be on the same home server. Note, you can only group with those on the same region. So North American and Europe cannot group together.

Application Features

  • View LFG’s by region
  • Filtering of LFG’s by: username, level, region, dungeons and events
  • Create new LFG’s
  • View and delete your LFG’s
  • Auto refreshing cache with manual force refresh

Coming Soon

  • Edit groups
  • Support of the new group options
  • Monitoring and notifications


  • Find it on WindowsPhone.com 
  • http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=8adfb81f-ed59-4cb7-a89d-16133f947103




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